We empower Scientists, Foresters and Ecosystem Officers with data science, sensing tools and systemic thinking for forestry, biodiversity and climate change remediation.

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Forest ecosystem monitoring

Aja is our forest monitoring solution, built upon our innovative ecosystem monitoring technology. We named it after the goddess of forests of the Yoruba people.

Aja’s significant carbon reduction impact has been independently certified by The Climate Impact Forecast.

Decision support software
Precise, real time ecosystem information is reported in a intuitive web application, designed to drive effective decision making.

Use cases

Environmental impact assessment

Greater information quality enables greater accuracy in the evaluation of the environmental consequences of a strategy or policy.

Biodiversity quantification

Biodiversity is a powerful indicator for the success of sustainability strategies. Our platform quantifies biodiversity and its change over time, to inform your decision making.

Risk assessment

Our platform helps you manage risk in ecosystem assets by increasing their observability, and providing alerts when a threat is identified.

Ecosystem health tracking

Climate change is an existential threat to many ecosystems. By tracking their health, we empower you to act quickly and effectively to protect and strengthen them.

Make it visible
Your ecosystem, plain as day.
See the unseen

Gain clear insight into your ecosystem with comprehensive, local, precise sensing.

Save time and money

We have reinvented ecosystem monitoring to enable precise sensing in a low-cost, low-maintenance solution.

Make data-driven decisions

Our service extracts the most relevant insight and trends from the environment, to support you with clear and actionable information.

Partners and Supporters
Local multidimensional sensing
Enabling a deeper understanding of the ecosystem conditions.

Our sensing nodes listen to their local environment through a multitude of sensor modalities, and learn to recognize events of interest.








Light Spectrum


Our approach
We bring the latest fast-changing technologies and algorithms to ecosystem monitoring.
Energy harvesting

We use energy harvesting and optimized power consumption to bypass the lack of energy infrastructure.

Edge Computing and AI

We use local intelligent computing in the form of embedded AI to optimize sensing and communication and in order to preserve privacy.

Sensor networks

Rather than using centralized, expensive sensing equipment, we deploy a network of inexpensive sensing nodes.

Cloud Analysis

We integrate data from all sensor nodes in all deployments, together with external sources, to learn what makes ecosystems tick.

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