About us

We are a collective of data craftsmen, consulting on IoT, AI and Data Science. Our state-of-art algorithms run on hundreds of thousands of small devices, bringing AI to the real-world and redefining what’s possible. Whatever your background, we work with you to design and build data driven experiences that matter.

Our craft

Intelligent Machines

through AI on IoT & Sensors systems.

End-to-end expertise

from data acquisition to AI deployment.

Efficient processes

by integrating engineering, science & design thinking.

How we work

We get our hands dirty in data. You can find us hammering a white plastic box against the wall as we test the accelerometer readings of a board. Or jumping around the room as we collect data for a new exercise tracking algorithm. We want results, and we go out of our way to get them.

We are artisans. We work swiftly, efficiently, and we practice our craft diligently. We work in a tight loop with our clients, to deliver results, get feedback, and improve, iteration by iteration.

We value people. In our experience, pressure and frustration are a fact of life in any project worth pursuing. We don’t let these get in the way. Everyone in our team has high emotional intelligence, communication skills and empathy. We have built our team around these, and we consider it our most valuable asset.

What we offer

You think the solution to your problem lies in a sensor- and AI-powered device. But will it work in reality as well as you hope it would? We can help you find out. We are tinkerers at heart, and experts in rapid prototyping at the intersection between AI, sensors and IoT.

Due Diligence

Veterans of the startup scene, we have been through many due diligence examinations, and lived to talk about it. We can help you prepare for your due diligence by providing you with an in-depth technical review, including the assessment of the DevOps workflows in your organization.

Machine Learning Infrastructure

They say data is the new oil. You have the oil, and the engineers to refine it. Yet, you find yourself frustrated as all of their valuable time seems to go into duct-taping the rusty pipings. We have great experience in building robust Machine Learning pipelines, taking care of the data so your engineers can focus on the science.

Data Mining

Uncovering patterns in data requires knowledge spanning many technical and theoretical fields, such as statistics, machine learning, and database systems, to name a few. Our team can fill the gaps in your know-how, helping you gather the critical insights hidden in your data.

IoT & Edge computing

With machines and objects increasingly augmented by sensors, we have a rich experience in designing and training data-driven applications for low-power embedded devices.


Having a skilled, empathetic data science team can pivot your business. We love to build and train agile, interdisciplinary teams that seamlessly integrate into your organisation.

Data Strategy

Data potentials unfold best when set within a clear perspective and an applied context. We translate your data-driven ideas into strategies, scenarios and agile implementation plans.

Contact us

Wondering whether we can help you? Get in touch, and let’s figure it out together.