About us
We fold AI to make it small and fast.

We build machines that sense our world.

We usher and shape the 4th industrial revolution.

We are a collective of data craftsmen, consulting on IoT, AI and Data Science. Our state-of-art algorithms run on hundreds of thousands of small devices, bringing AI to the real-world and redefining what’s possible. Whatever your background, we work with you to design and build data driven experiences that matter.

Our craft
Applying Agile & Lean with Design Thinking

For effective processes and solutions that matter.

Integrating expert knowledge & signal processing in ML/AI

For small data, small compute, small footprint, to fit on Edge computers.

Sharing practical experience & methodology

For seamless knowledge transfer, establishing internal capabilities and value.

What we do
Rapid prototyping

We are tinkerers at heart, and experts in rapid prototyping at the intersection between AI, sensors and IoT.

IoT & Edge computing

With machines and objects increasingly augmented by sensors, we have a rich experience in designing and training data-driven applications for low-power embedded devices.

Machine Learning Infrastructure

We have experience in building robust Machine Learning pipelines, taking care of the data so your engineers can focus on the science.


Consumer electronics & wearables

Industrial IoT

Smart home & remote sensing

Data products

How we work with you
Free initial assessment

We assess your ideas, concepts and data

Flexible scope

We offer flexible support for your teams and projects.

Fixed scope

We work within set goals and requirements

Aja Forest Intelligence

Aja is foldAI’s own contribution to the fight against climate change. With Aja, we unleash the power of IoT and AI to reconnect with our forests and protect them.
Aja is supported by
Free assessment

Contact us, and we will set up a call for a free assessment of your data project