Aja Forest Intelligence

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Use cases

Environmental impact assessment

An environmental policy evaluation is only as accurate as the data supporting it. We bring you accurate data.

Biodiversity quantification

Biodiversity is a powerful indicator of the success of any sustainability strategy. We assess it and monitor its changes.

Risk assessment

Increase the observability of your ecosystem assets, and receive alerts when a threat is identified.

Ecosystem health tracking

By tracking the health of ecosystems, we can protect them effectively against the threats of climate change.

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Our forest ecosystem monitoring solution
Sensor networks

Rather than using centralized, expensive sensing equipment, we deploy a network of inexpensive sensing nodes.

Cloud AI

We integrate data from all sensor nodes in all deployments, together with external sources, to learn what makes ecosystems tick.

Decision support software

We provide you with insights through dashboards and reports, to guide your decision making.

Your ecosystem, plain as day
We make it visible
See the unseen

Gain clear insight into your ecosystem with local, precise sensing.

Save time and money

Precise sensing in a low-cost, low-maintenance solution.

Make data-driven decisions

Advanced data integration brings you clear and actionable information.

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