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Our supporters

ClimateKIC is Europe’s leading climate innovation initiative. They are supporting us via their incubation programme, access to their network, and substantial funding.

Xpreneurs is Unternehmertum’s high-tech startup incubation programme, which we have entered as part of ClimateKIC, and is supporting us with their top-quality mentorship, training and network.

BridgeForBillion is an online incubation program based on an innovation process that helps entrepreneurs grow through immersive learning, mentorship, and peer support.

Initiative for Industrial Innovators is a European initiative supporting teams and early-stage startups for deep tech solutions. We are thankful for the funding they have granted us to manufacture our prototypes.

WIPANO is a funding program by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research to support innovators in securing IP. Patents allow us to secure future operations of our technological and methodical innovations.